Q: Is Florida Pawn | Hollywood | FL a safe place to shop?

Yes! Every item that each we take in is vetted by the local law enforcement agencies, and some jurisdictions submit their item data to a national database to match any item that may have been reported by the Police.

Yes! Buy with confidence using PayPal. To see PayPal’s Buyer Protection, click this link.

Q: Are the items on guaranteed?

Yes! We offer money back guarantee.

Yes! Check out our return policy.

Q: What is Pay Store Directly Offline?

Pay Store Directly Offline is a special option that allows you to pay us directly. When purchasing an item, select the shipping option. After you complete the order, contact us and pay with the selected payment method. If you don't contact us within 24 hours, we will contact you by email or phone number. Please make sure you pay on time otherwise your order will be cancelled and you might get negative feedback.

Q: How do I find what I am looking for?

You can shop for almost anything on our site. Get started by following these steps:

  1. Find an item
    • Enter keywords into the search box located at the top of any page, or browse through our list of categories on our home page (on the left side of the page).
  2. Be an educated buyer
    • Read the item description carefully. If you have a question about the item, you can ask us for more information.
  3. Make an offer, Add it to your cart, or Place a bid
    • Check the item page to see what purchase options are available.
    • If the item is a buy it now item, you can simply add the item to your cart.
    • If you want to negotiate, you can make an offer.
    • If the item is on auction, you can place a bid.
    • If your offer is accepted or you won an auction, you’re obliged to complete the transaction.
  4. Don’t forget to pay
    • After you win the auction or the offer is accepted, send your payment via PayPal to us within 3 days (if your offer is accepted) or 3, 5 or 7 days (when you win the auction).

Q: How do I contact PayPal?

Contact PayPal Customer Service for help with your PayPal account. You can also email them here.

Q: How often are new items posted?

Each and every day, all day and all night, new merchandise is added. So if you can’t find what you’re looking for today, check back tomorrow!

How Do I Find My...

Q: Orders?

  1. Sign into your account -> My Orders
  2. On this page, you can:
    • View the order details, including the order total
    • Find whether your item is ready for pickup
    • Find out whether your item has shipped
    • See whether your item was canceled

Q: Bids?

  1. Sign into your account -> My Auctions
  2. On this page, you can:
    • View the auction details
    • View all the items you are currently winning or not winning
    • View all the past items that you won or didn’t win
    • View items that you need to paid
    • View items that have expired or that have been canceled

Q: Offers?

  1. Sign into your account -> My Offers
  2. On this page, you can:
    • View all of your offers and item details
    • View your pending offers
    • Find out whether we have counter-offered
    • Find out whether we have accepted or declined
    • View offers that have expired


Q: What is an auction?

Everybody wants to win, but only if the price is right. We determine when the auction ends and if/how much the reserve price will be. Buyers are then able to bid against one another, with each subsequent bid higher than the previous. Going once, going twice—at the end of the allotted time period, the item is sold to the highest bidder.

Q: When can I participate in auctions?

Create an account and meet our auction requirements.

Q: How do I bid?

  1. Sign in
  2. Carefully review the item and listing
  3. Click “place bid”
  4. In a popup that opens enter your maximum bid, then click “place bid”
  5. Review your bid and click “confirm bid”

Q: What is automatic bidding?

When you place a bid, enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item. Don’t worry, this maximum amount is a secret (other bidders don’t know your maximum).

  • Our site will place bids on your behalf using the automatic bid increment amount, which is based on the current high bid.
  • We bid only as much as necessary to make sure that you remain the high bidder.
  • If another bidder places the same maximum bid or higher, we will notify you so that you can place another bid.

Q: How do I cancel a bid?

Go into Auction Bid History page -> Click “Bid retraction” link at the bottom of bids list

Q: How do I know I won (or lost)?

When the listing ends, you will receive an email notifying your recent win (or loss). Once you receive the email, you should pay for the item as soon as possible.

If you didn’t receive an email for some reason you can find your won auctions in My Bids section.

Orders, Returns, Exchanges

Q: Can I buy the item online and pick it up in the store?

Yes! Add the item to your cart, select “In-store pick up”, and check out with PayPal. You will receive a web receipt by email. Bring the receipt to our store, show it to a store employee, and voila – the item is yours to take.

Q: How do I cancel my order?

Go into your account -> My Orders -> Open -> then cancel.

Q: What do I do if I haven’t received an order?

If you haven’t received an order, you should contact us.

Q: What do I do if I received the wrong order?

If you receive the wrong item, you should contact us and together we can arrange the return.

Q: Can I exchange an item I bought for something different?

Yes, you may exchange your item if you physically come to our store and exchange your item for another item in that store.

Q: I have returned my item; how soon will I receive my refund?

Once the item is received at our store your PayPal account will be credited.


Q: How can I buy a Firearm?

We list a firearm. If you see something you like or have to have, you can make an offer (negotiate your heart out) or buy it on the spot (at a fixed price) or make a bid (going once, going twice, sold).

You may choose to do in-store pickup or shipment to a FFL (Federal Firearm Licensed) dealer. The FFL dealer must be located in your hometown.

Before shipment, we must receive a copy of the FFL certificate from the firearm dealer whom will receive the firearm on behalf of you.

Payment for the firearm must be made directly to us.

Q: How do I receive my firearm after I purchase it?

It depends on whether you select Ship to Dealer or Immediate In-store Pickup.

If the item is not local and you select Ship to Dealer, our merchants wrap, pack, and ship your item to your favorite local FFL (Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer).

If the item is local and you select Immediate Pickup, you can immediately pick up your item at the store using In Store Pickup (plus, you save money by avoiding shipping charges!).

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Buya is home to the internet’s best prices and value, the opportunity to negotiate with merchants with “Make Offer”, and a 100% money-back guarantee on all items except for “as-is”.

Buya is like eBay and Amazon’s used good marketplaces but our items come directly from licensed merchants from all over the United States. Each item has been submitted to local and national law enforcement agencies so you can purchase items ethically and safely.

Buya Merchants get the highest marks in delivery success. We’re proud that only 1.75% of the items shipped are ever returned. Feel confident that your purchase will meet, and in most cases, exceed your expectations.

Merchants are supported with the Bravo Systems Platform, which enables stores to sell you items with the highest level of customer service in mind. Best price, best delivery, and best communication is the heart of Bravo’s Platform. Merchants can offer you 100% of their inventory real-time 24/7. This means their unique items are available beyond the four walls of their store.

Buya is truly an one-of-a-kind of shopping experience. Take your time to dig deep into the 1,000 categories and if you get a chance, please let us know how we can improve your shopping experience.

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